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Hello, hello!

This journal is a bookmarking journal of sorts for DGM roleplayers (and perhaps a few from other fandoms) because the owner is possibly the most forgetful creature in existence and has zero talent for organizing links. Please don't be alarmed if I "friend" or "subscribe" to you. It's simply meant to keep track of threads that are fun/interesting/IC because DGM fanfiction is sorely lacking in those qualities. Reading IC interaction is also a way for me to improve my own writing. For someone as neurotic about writing as I am, it's encouraging to see different interpretations of Character X/Y/Z by different rpers, especially when no one interpretation can be said to be more valid than another. Note that I only follow roleplayers I like, i.e., I follow roleplayers who have a knack for portraying the characters they play ICly.

It's not intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable, like they're being "watched". Trust me, I do this to learn about the characters you play, not to constantly needle at you for how you play them. :| I wouldn't follow you in the first place if I didn't like your playing style. However, if you still feel like you're being driven out of your comfort zone, please PM me! I'll remove you from my f-list right away. :)

On another note, if you'd like constructive criticism on how you play, simply PM me (with links to sample threads, if possible). I tend to shy away from offering concrit because:
a) some roleplayers are playing just for fun and I don't think it's appropriate to offer criticism if it's not wanted.
b) I've had roleplayers getting defensive at me for doing so, even though there's a wide margin between "concrit" and "flaming". I get that roleplaying is very personal (it's a time-consuming hobby, that's for sure) and I don't want any unnecessary wank.

I've seen players complaining on anoncomms that their HMDs are completely devoid of any concrit whatsoever, which must be, idk, frustrating when you put so much time and effort into perfecting character voice. However, because it's hard to convey tone over the internet and tempers are sometimes volatile (it's okay, we all have bad days), I won't offer concrit unless I know it's wanted and will be received in a positive-neutral manner by the roleplayer.

That's it, I suppose. Please don't hesitate to PM me if you want me to unsubscribe. :D

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